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This wiki exists as a central point for all information relating to the creation of music in-game with the Guild Wars 2 instruments. Please feel free to add end edit the content of the site to provide new scores and tabs, and if you're performing real-life music based off of GW2 link your YouTube videos!

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Some of the content on this site has been taken from the Guild Wars 2 forums and from other third-party sites in an attempt to consolidate information into a single location. If you are a content owner and believe content should not have been taken from your site, or your content is not properly accredited (and we will have tried to ensure you were properly credited), please edit the pages and update as appropriate. Personal sites don't always last, so some external links may disappear over time, so in the best interests of the community it is strongly advised you share your content here in order that it is always available.

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For detailed information on reading the common notation used in the documented musical scores, please see the Notation page.

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Macros, while technically allowed for use with music in game, are not the focus of this site. Please use the unaffiliated for macros or gw2music for macros and MP3 generation.

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Content on this site has been contributed by users or sourced from third-party sites in order to centralise information. If your content is found on this Wikia project please add details on the pages featuring your content and add your information to the References page.

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